The Miata is a litmus test of human personalities. Anybody who doesn't like this car is a doomsayer of human spirit. In our society, this car represents youth, freedom, mobility, and reward. This trim roadster should bring out smiles to full potential each time you take it on the road. Driving this car makes you want to pay your taxes, bring flowers home, spend time with your least-favorite relative, and recycle your garbage.
— Car and Driver's Buyers Guide to 1995 New Cars

ojas's 1996 Mazda Miata ojas's 1996 Mazda Miata

This is my 1996 Mazda Miata. I bought it in April 2007. I wanted a fun car I could drive daily and track without worries. I totally enjoyed tracking my NSXs, but I think my current Zanardi #04 is too nice.

Most of my friends recommended getting a Miata; although, one of them said "I have a solution... Just track your NSX and it won't be nice anymore". :-)

I'd always appreciated Miatas and a black one is what I was after. I'd planned to add chrome or stainless style bar, dark wheels, and a few other mods, so I think this was a good find since it came pre-modded. Now, I just need to make it look like this.

It has a few mods, here's a partial list:

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