--- title: NSX Vendors name: Vendors layout: nsx ----
City of Austin: Oil Recycling
Tybrid shop, local Austin, Tyrone
SoulSpeed shop, local Austin: alignment
Goodson Acura dealer, local Dallas: parts, anything
Sterling Acura dealer, local Austin: Matt in parts gives discount, Scott is the NSX-tech
McDavid Acura dealer, local Austin: avoid (here's why)
Gunn Acura dealer, local San Antonio: avoid like the plague (here's just one of many reasons why)
MZM Performance shop, dyno, local Austin: dyno and tuning
Colvin Automotive shop, dyno, local Austin
Boost Logic shop, local Austin: Kean, fabrication, tuning
Flamingo Automotive shop, local Austin: (info on austinunique.com) - 3512 Guadalupe, 459-9917
Auto Logic shop, local Houston: Brad, anything
Streetrays parts, local Austin: Will
Basch Accurate Service shop (info on NSXPrime) Mark Basch's shop
Dali Racing dist perf, body kit, acc; buy at your own risk (do a search on NSX Prime)
Science of Speed dist perf, body kit, acc
Speed Within Reach dist perf, body kit, acc
Comptech manf perf, FI, body kit
King Motorsports dist Mugen
downforce.biz manf, dist body kit
raceonusa.com manf, dist $1200 cheap Comptech widebody "knockoff", discuss here
groundeffex.com dist body kit
Cybernation Motorsports manf FI
BaschBoost manf FI, Basch's supercharger
Boostzilla manf FI, Dali's supercharger
Factor X manf, shop FI, NSX-specific, has alliance with SWR
Performance AutoWorks manf, shop FI, Gerry Johnson's shop
BEGI/cartech manf FI, Corky Bell's turbo system, $7899 w/ AEM on turbo-kits.com
AEM manf EMS and a few other perf parts
gruppe-m manf FI, perf, ???
custom manf FI, ???
OEM parts (look at local shops first, then here...)
Acura Automotive Parts OEM parts
pitstopparts.com OEM parts
Sunnyside Acura Parts OEM parts
Niello Acura OEM parts
A&H Motorsport OEM parts
car-part.com used OEM parts
ERZ Cars used OEM parts
HAP Recycling used OEM parts
eBay: NSX parts new/used parts
NSX Prime: NSX Parts for Sale new/used parts
more parts
JC Whitney parts
Summit Racing parts
Jegs parts
Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies parts
Nopi parts NSX-specific
buy NSX
NSX Trader Online
eBay: NSX
AutoTrader: used NSX
cars.com: used NSX
NSX Prime: NSXs for Sale
James Acura NSX
Cobalt Friction
misc. parts
Tire Rack
detailers paradise
McGard lug nuts
Gorrilla lug nuts