Concept Technology History

Retracing the NSX's Development Steps

It is not only the NSX's hardware that is evolving: we are continually considering the relationship between driver and vehicle, and working to deliver greater driving pleasure through contributions to sports car and motor sports culture. Our aim is to help driver and machine to grow and develop together.

Hardware development

Driver-related and support activities
Birth of the NSX
Inauguration of owners' meetings
Lessons on basic sports driving skills held at Suzuka circuit; opportunity provided for owners to mix and converse with Honda staff
Mid-weight, mid-ship, rear-wheel drive Forward canopy design All-aluminum body results in 200kg weight reduction vs. steel body V6 DOHC VTEC engine delivers linear acceleration All-aluminum 4-wheel double-wishbone suspension Dif't. diameter front and rear tires TCS, 4ch ABS Electronic power steering Driver-side SRS airbag standard
Birth of the NSX-R
Custom Order Plan STEP 1 initiated
Plan allowing owners to freely combine interior materials, exterior colors, etc. Annual owners' festival held (NSX Fiesta)
Further lightened by approx. 120kg Hard suspension tuning Custom Recaro full-bucket seats Custom Momo steering wheel Sculpted titanium shift knob Limited production to 1995
Manual transmission car equipped with electronic power steering Equipped with security system Equipped with passenger-side SRS airbag
NSX racing activities begin
Participation in German touring car race (ADAC) Driving academy established Refresh plan established: Maintenance plan for previously-raced NSX's Custom Order Plan STEP 2: custom body color and ecsaine interior added
Optional 45/40 tires with custom 16/17 inch wheels developed Stronger brake pads (GP pads) developed
First-time participation in and completion of Lemans 24-hour Grand Prix Sports driving seminar: skills improvement on the circuit Custom Order PlanG? STEP 3: GP brake pads, 16/17-inch wheels and 45/40 tires added
DBW electronic throttle developed F-Matic manual-feel automatic transmission developed Torque-reactive pre-loaded LSD developed Twin-tread tires with superior anti-hydroplaning developed
GP course driving school established Custom Order Plan STEP 4: Twin-tread tires, body-color roof added Victory in Lemans 24-hour Grand Prix GT2 Class Class victories also in Tokatsu 24-hour race and Suzuka 1,000km race
Custom Order Plan STEP 5: new colors added for interior/exterior and aluminum wheels Placed 3rd in Lemans 24-hour Grand Prix GT2 Class Participated in GT car competition
Birth of the NSX-T
High-rigidity open-top body Roof design with a liberating feel Inside-rear-canopy roof storage system
3.2L engine for manual transmission version 6-speed manual transmission Strengthened gaskets, crankshaft pins, piston pins for 3.2L engine Stainless steel exhaust manifold (manual transmission version) Dual-mass flywheel (manual transmission version) Lighter, stronger aluminum body Front/rear brake rotors increased to 16 inches Stronger suspension (manual transmission version) Front lower skirt employed for improved aerodynamics Electronic power steering improved F-Matic shift control improved Heat blocking, UV cut glass employed Equipped with HID headlights Equipped with car navigation system BBS lightweight forged aluminum wheels (Custom Order Plan)
Participated in the Japan GT Championship
Birth of the NSX Type S
Weight reduced by some 4G?5kg Harder suspension settings Custom designed Recaro full-bucket seats Momo leather-wrapped steering wheel BBS lightweight forged aluminum wheels
First NSX Fiesta held at Twin Ring Motegi First victory at the Japan GT Championship
Equipped with LEV engine Improved DBW electronic throttle Double-cone synchronizers used in 5th and 6th gears of manual transmission Improved automatic transmission shift management Improved ABS system Perforated leather used in interior; gather-less design HID headlights standard equipment (except Type S Zero)
Recognized by Japanese government as Excellent Low-Emissions Vehicle
Driving festival held at Takasu proving grounds to celebrate the NSX's tenth anniversary Declared champion of the Japan GT Championship
New aerodynamic styling Increased tire and wheel sizes Fixed headlights Strengthened suspension (Type T)

The new NSX-Rthe fruit of 12 years of passion and technological innovation, bringing man and machine closer together