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NSX Prime (new today)
Mike’s online NSX Service Manual discuss here
Dallas NSX
honda-tech : NSX
James Acura NSX Exotic: general, classifieds
eBay: ebay: nsx, ebay: nsx parts

other cars: general

gearheadgirlz, main entrance
texas racing scene
street rays
austin motorsports
UAS, scrapbook
car show news: TX
CRC Motorsports
Import Velocity

other cars: specific

Elise: EliseTalk, main entrance, (TX)
S2000: S2000 Int'l
MR2: MR2 FAQ, Austin MR2 Owners Club
Mazda: Miata Forum, Tejas Miata Club, Texas RXs
Ferrari Chat
Supra: Supra Forums
Texas Supras
Euro: 6 speed online, Roadfly
Ultima: Ultima Cars (US), Ultima Sports, Ltd. (UK)
Attack: Attack Forums, K1-styling, Euroworks, Ltd.
DeLorean: delorean motor co, Tamir's Delorean Site, with his nsx Noble: Nobel Automotive, Ltd., 1G Racing

miscellaneous threads

h-t: exotics from japan [PhotoShop]
h-t: POG served
h-t: Things to say to keep Knightie Mr. AntiNSX.
h-t: SweepeR 7: "what is the 13b?"
h-t: 90 grand... please
prime: topdaytrader busted
prime: nsxtasy vs. ALLAN by MAJOR STONER
prime: Hasselhoff by MAJOR STONER
prime: why no kills by MAJOR STONER
prime: how to lure ken [PhotoShop]
prime: C64, I'm a dork, I know.
prime: big daddy bill [PhotoShop]
prime: Samuari's timeless model by NeoNSX
prime: turbo LS1 in NSX [PhotoShop]
prime: LEGO NSX
Can anyone answer this probability question? - nerdz being nerdz
Must See Video - the first time I saw this video
matteni's Sam run
prime: Who's the Funniest on Prime!? - Honda-Tech: is this your nsx?
prime: Da Real Bling Bling!!!
prime: 7/19 Beach Party Pics w/ Mr. Uehara!
prime: Dominos
Perfect way to turn 50k
NSteXpo Photos
Quick Speaker Replacement Question
Super Taikyu
prime: Beater NSX
sr: Ultimate JDM, also prime: newheadlights
sr: wakaba
NeoNSX - signature test (do not read)
matteni - NSX on a Sam's run / Suburban eat your heart out! (single post but hilarious)
NSXJoy - How to lure nsxtasy to his 10000th post
POWERED by HONDA - Must See Video - most reposted thread
on another site, but most posts are by people who are also NSX Primers - POG served
matteni - NSX on a Sam's run / Suburban eat your heart out! - Absolutely hilarious post.
NSXJoy - How to lure nsxtasy to his 10000th post - Remember the drama surrounding the disappearance of nsxtasy?
POWERED by HONDA - Must See Video - Original thread of the most reposted topic of 2003
MarkB - There Is A Strange Noise In My Engine!! - With over 100,000 views, it's the most viewed thread of 2003 (no doubt linked to from other sites).
'Pug served - Yeah, it's on another site and not really meet the criteria, but features the wit of several regular NSX Prime-ers (nsxtasy, Ponyboy, true, and others).

prime: nsx track pics
prime: clutch life
Any one tried Krylon Fusion paint
prime: great advice from Blue Knight - just a copy of the post - original post could not be found
AmIAnnoying.com Acura-NSX Owners

prime: NOS
prime: diy prime: mp3 to bose
prime: 5.1 system - good links to custom NSX installs
fixing bose speakers on willman's electronics
prime: Removing tint off of windows?
other maint
steering wheel restitch
shakey headlight, shakey headlight
Aspirator fan: here, here, here, and here
good NSX A/C repair threads on prime
OMG my car is HOT (no ac)
Climate Control expenses
Opening Up and Fixing The Dash-Mounted A/C Control Unit???
replacing climate control unit
Climate Control Unit problems
PICS of A/C fix do it!
Climate cntrl fan only blows on high!
Problem: AC turns off and stays off even if restart
A-C is Burning- Help! - compressor/clutch
Air Conditioning


nsx on diesel station
nsx on highresautoimages.com

vids: jexoticar - BITeR
Dali Racing Movies

nsxhelp.com, real-world braking
DanO land
old SoS DIYs
nsxca : nw, Vytas nsxca: fl nsxfiles nsx1 racerx.tv leonoff.net

nerdy tech

how stuff works
AutoZine Technical School discuss here
hydrogen based rotary engine
mcmaster motor

More than you ever wanted to know about: batteries, auto gas

Physics of Racing
FF Cobra FAQs (lots of good stuff)
honda-tech: Road Racing and Cutocross FAQ
Since this comes up so often, HP vs. torque: on allpar.com and on vettenet.org

sands (pictures)
project nsx nsx builder akira3d mynsx furynsx phoen$x nsx1164 (pics) nsxtasy Enzo (David) (naked nsx) TSC

NSX Top End NSX Rev Notes
nsxfreak (lots of links to other Japanese sites)
gt-rom K1 Planning/Kei-Office taka kaira (importer) nsxlife or nsxlife nsxclub (HK) nsxtreme.net (Hishi) Backyard Special RITMO GruppeM TAITEC http://www.axle-t.co.jp/NSX-g.html craft square http://www.h2.dion.ne.jp/~nsx/ EPSON oragami Oragami

Couger's Drawing Laboratory discuss here

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