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Completed Projects

[CUSTOM] cup holder
Description: A custom cupholder similar to the ultimate cupholder only better (well, at least cheaper).
Update [10/09/2004]: Prototype is complete:

In the Works

MagnaFlow Catalytic Converters for NSX (universal) - this is 2" in/out. They seem to go for ~$55 each. TAITEC JGTC Parallel Exit has 52mm (2.05") tube; I don't know diameter of Comptech headers, but the RM Racing is 2.5" at the collector. Here's the detail of the stock catalytic converters.
[CUSTOM] ojas doors
classified shhh
[CUSTOM] ojas combination lights
classified Hella Micro DE discuss here
[CUSTOM] underbody tray
coming soon
[CUSTOM] trip computer/odometer
coming soon
[CUSTOM] Ojas Lab battery support
coming soon
[MOD] dual auto up/down window switch mod
coming soon
[CUSTOM] LED taillight
Note: Each side is approx 4.5" tall by 24" wide.
Pro Lite
... at OfficeMax
The Moving Message Sign Company
Asayo 224C
Asayo SDK
LED Signs Online: LSO-418C
Gforcity’s eBay store
Texas Digital Systems
[CUSTOM] dark taillight
Night shades coating
from rice to nice! Clear taillight spray by home made turbo
[CUSTOM] exterior
Techno-R Side Skirts - part of the cheap body kit that comes up on eBay all the time.
Comptech widebody lip on stock bumper on an unknown Canadian’s NSX and teamikonnsx’s NSX.
Zanardi-style side intakes ( 6/03 / soon )
[CUSTOM] shift
« Volvo S60 shifter
IKEYA Forumla Sequential Shifter
[CUSTOM] liner
[CUSTOM] seat
Recaro SPG-N
or replace with pleather or suede-ish
[CUSTOM] V1 mount
CNC-aluminum V1 mount that bolts in
[MOD] antenna removal
« Product 128-pc. Body Plug Assortment (to fill antenna hole)
phase II of stereo mod: remove stereo, better amp, eliminate opening in center console, iPod mount...
iPod car charger, $11.99
iPod car charger, $7.99
firewire car adapter, $5.99
iPod remote, rigging up
iPod remote protocol
iPod keyboard
Single disc CD-player option or system from a recent Acura would be nice.
[CUSTOM] iPod-only system
Remove all Bose system: -18 lbs.*
Pair of Infinity Kappa 652.5i 6.75" and mounting plate: 6 lbs.?
Alpine MRP-T220 4.125 lbs. (1.88 kg)*
Removing factory CD-changer, phone, antenna wiring: -5 lbs.?
Add iPod wiring: 0.5 lbs.?
Weight savings: 12 lbs.
[CUSTOM] paint
« this is also cool
Falken golf cart with Alsa Corps Mirrachrome paint
trim: MetalCast discuss here
[HOW-TO] center console
Refinishing the center console by Malibu Rapper.
[HOW-TO] removing the console
Evaporator replacement tips by myf16
Evaporator replacment, Pictures by BrianK
Cracked Dash Piece Part Number by kpond
15mm Bayonet Based Lamps (Automotive); Series AUT1156, AUT1157
Auto Lighting Manf. in India
LED: LSDiodes
LED: LEDTronics
NSX Prime: LED bulb to replace front parking light
other electrical
NA build
ITB: Hayward Performance ITBs
cams: RS Machines
cats: Random Technology
comptech sway bars, $308 eBay coilovers (maybe)
camera mount
PanaVise CCTV Micro Mounts
Panavise 809 - CCTV Camera Window Mount
Panavise 845-246 - Deluxe Micro Mounts
Panavise 845-246 Deluxe Micro Mounts

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