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Ojas's 1999 Zanardi NSX
The highest and best use of aluminum for civilian purposes. —
Ojas's 1999 Zanardi NSX

My NSX is a 1999 Alex Zanardi Signature Edition, a US market limited edition variant of the Japanese NSX Type-S. I've owned it since October 2006. 50 were produced and of the NSX models offered in the US, the Zanardi was the fastest and best-handling variant. The previous owner installed a few modifications that make it even faster... :-)

Currently modifications include:


stock 2970
CTSC (net) +15?
headers -10?
airbox -5?
exhaust -9
remove spare -29.5
net -38.4
overall 2932
crank hp weight lbs/hp
stock 290 2970 10.24
me 412 (+109 * 1.12) 2932 7.12
997 GT3 RS 415 3031 7.30
F430 490(maybe) 3196 6.52

Ojas's 1999 Zanardi NSX

confused image What Makes the Zanardi Edition Special?

Unlike most manufacturers, Honda / Acura does not make cheesy limited or special edition versions of vehicles that are not that limited or that special.

The Zanardi Edition is a special version of a very special car. It is a US market limited edition variant of the Japanese NSX Type-S. 50 were produced and it's the fastest and best-handling NSX offered to the US. It has the NA2 drivetrain (3.2L, 6-speed - the best that was ever available), the best suspension offered in the US, hardtop (most NSXs with the NA2 drivetrain were heavier, less rigid NSX-Ts), manual steering (earlier 5-speed NSXs had this, but all NA2 NSXs other than the Zanardi had power steering), weight reduction that is exclusive to this model in the US, and unique interior trim.

It was built to commemorate Alex Zanardi and Team Ganassi's success in CART during the late 1990s. Besides being a one of the greatest drivers, Zanardi has personality, style, class, and, since his accident, is nothing short of an inspiration.

Acura Press Info: 1999 Alex Zanardi Edition NSX - At a Glance

Performance Modifications Weight difference
Manual rack-and-pinion steering (Electric Power Steering deleted) -32.0 lb.
Firmer, racetrack-tuned suspension +0.9 lb.
Lightweight BBS alloy wheels -8.8 lb.
Lightweight rear spoiler -3.7 lb.
Lightweight battery -6.8 lb.
Single partition glass -4.2 lb.
Fixed hard-top roof -95.0 lb.
New wheel center cap -
Aluminum mesh intake covers +0.2 lb.
Zanardi signature plaque -
Body-colored roof panel -
New Forumla Red exterior -
Perforated seat surfaces with red stitching -
Red-stitched steering wheel -
Red-stitched door lining -
Titanium shift knob +0.4 lb.
Titanium-toned center console and instrument meter panel -
Titanium-toned door panel -
Total weight reduction -149.0 lb.

More info on the Zanardi NSX:

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